Top 20 Medical & Nursing Professors in Virginia

Nursing Professor from Virginia Online College

Virginia’s top medical professors bring real-world challenges to their classrooms. Many of the medical professors on this list juggle their teaching duties with active practices. All of them demonstrate how the humility of everyday patient care can keep students focused on the best possible reasons to explore careers in medicine.

Students of Virginia’s leading medical professors also get to participate in cutting edge research, using state-of-the-art technology while thinking differently about biology and body chemistry. Professors on this list have driven innovations in treating disease, battling addiction, and warding off depression.

Top professors also impart to their students a sense of responsibility for positive influence in their communities and across the world. Some of the public policy initiatives undertaken by professors on this list include closing a hiring gap for Virginia medical professionals and improving public health in villages halfway around the world.

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Amy Graham James Madison University

As both a pharmacology instructor and clinical coordinator, Professor Graham helps shape the careers of future BSN and RSN program graduates. Her students give her high marks for bringing her real-world experience into the classroom.

Amy H. Bouton University of Virginia

Professor Bouton has earned awards and acclaim for helping students thrive in a challenging medical school environment. With decades of commitment, her work has helped shape a generation of medical professionals.

Andrea Knopp James Madison University

JMU nursing students cite Dr. Knopp’s global experience as a major factor in their academic success. Her studies of the impact of unsanitary living conditions on public health inspires nursing students to think bigger about their future careers.

Arlene Keeling University of Virginia

As students prepare to take on the challenges of 21st century nursing, they gain perspective from Dr. Keeling, an expert on the field’s history. Having published research on the past 100 years of the profession, Dr. Keeling has also studied how the amount of time patients spend in bed affects their recovery.

Catherine Kane University of Virginia

Over more than two decades of teaching at UVA, Professor Kane has inspired a generation of nursing professionals. Her advances in the field of mental health nursing have influenced regulatory action and resulted in funding for new research programs and nursing facilities.

Craig Derkay Eastern Virginia Medical Center

Dr. Derkay helped grow a small department into a major pediatric teaching program over a career spanning three decades. Outside the classroom, he maintains his own pedicatric practice, specializing in complex surgeries on children.

Deborah C Gray Old Dominion University

Dr. Gray’s field experience and her background in public policy give students unique insight into the future of the nursing field. Her career as a nurse and a teaching assistant before earning a doctorate inspires students to achieve their own goals.

Donald Byars Eastern Virginia Medical School

His expertise in ultrasound technology makes Dr. Byers a strong mentor for students interested in this expanding field. With personal interests in nutrition and weightlifting, Dr. Byers models a lifestyle that can help students reduce stress.

Erik Hewlett University of Virginia

An expert on bacterial toxins, Dr. Hewlett’s influence has helped transform UVA into a leading medical research facility. Along with leading introductory seminars, he also directs summer research programs that place students in the field each year.

Hadley Sporbert Longwood University

After 15 years as a nursing professional, Sporbert helped launch Longwood’s nursing program. In the years since, she has inspired students by pursuing her own advanced degrees and by leading groups on aid missions to Honduras.

Helena Carvalho Virginia Tech

Professor Carvalho earned praise from the American Physiological Society for her flexible approach to leading classes of all sizes. On weekends, she helps teach children about how the body works in a series of community classes held in partnership with the local 4-H.

Jamie Tyler Virginia Tech

Dr. Tyler uses ultrasound technology to explore how stimulating the brain can ward off disease. His work with primates has given researchers hope that similar tools will one day help treat neurological and psychiatric diseases.

John Povlishock Virginia Commonwealth University

A leading expert on traumatic head injuries, Dr. Povlishock uses advanced technology to measure damage to the brain. His award winning work has won acclaim from medical societies and professional journals.

Kathryn Laughon University of Virginia

As one of a handful of forensic nursing experts in the United States, Dr. Laughon uses her skills and experience to investigate what happens to children orphaned by intimate partner homicide. Outside the classroom, she collects evidence in cases of sexual assault.

Loren Erickson University of Virginia

Dr. Erickson earns acclaim from both students and peers for his “infectious” energy and his flexibility with tough concepts. He researches how a lack of the right plasma cells can weaken the body’s immune system.

Megan J Bray University of Virginia

A recipient of numerous teaching awards, Dr. Bray splits her time between multiple leadership roles at UVA, overseeing medical student clerkships, and attending to patient needs. As a General OB/GYN, she specializes in abnormal paps, and adolescent gynecology.

Michael Friedlander Virginia Tech

Highly active in the Association of American Medical Colleges, Dr. Friedlander has championed the need for new doctors to understand psychology and sociology so they can better relate to sick patients. His work includes research into conflicts of interest between schools, hospitals, and drug companies.

Patricia Anne Kinser Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Kinser studies how genetics and environment influence women at risk for depression. Her award winning research includes a study on the positive impact of yoga and exercise on mental wellness.

Suzanne Ameringer Virginia Commonwealth University

For over a decade, Dr. Ameringer has studied how teenagers respond differently to pain than children or adults, especially when faced with chronic illness. Her work has examined the effects of cancer and sickle cell disease, along with the roles that peer pressure and personal support play in recovery.

Virginia Burggraf Radford University

Professor Burggraf’s fundraising efforts have helped Radford develop training programs in geriatric nursing. With over a decade of leadership in the field, her students focus on building skills necessary for jobs in home care, hospice care, and mental health.