Getting Your Online Nursing Degree in Virginia

Getting Your Online Nursing Degree in Virginia

If you are considering a career in the medical field, nursing is a wonderful option to look into. All over the country, the nursing field has shortages which need to be filled by students who are graduating. Whether you are a licensed LPN, CNA, or RN, your expertise will be appreciated and needed, all over the world. The field of nursing has many remarkable features which make it an enticing career choice. Nursing is a rewarding job in which you can use your skills and compassion to help people who are injured and scared. Nurses have a lot of flexibility in their schedules and can often choose when and where they would like to work. Finally, nurses make a very good living with competitive income potential.

Nursing School in Virginia

Virginia is the perfect place to earn your online nursing degree. The rural and urban settings provide invigorating and exciting places to study both online and on campus. Online nursing degrees vary greatly. Students may earn a diploma, Practical Nursing license, and Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, or they may continue on toward a Master’s or Doctorate Degree.

Associate’s Degree options are the most popular choices amongst online degree seekers because they offer great job opportunities for low tuition and graduation time. Some online nursing degrees even offer accelerated degree options if you finish work quickly or have a prior degree in another field.

Online nursing programs in Virginia are often associated with traditional colleges and universities. These establishments have opened up nursing programs in order to better accommodate potential nurses who otherwise would not have the time, money, or resources to attend classes at a university. These great online programs usually offer nursing association scholarships, tuition reimbursement from your employer, loan repayment programs, and financial aid packages.

Online Learning

There are many benefits to going to school online for nursing. First of all, you won’t need to quit your day job because you can do your classwork anytime that works for you; in the morning, afternoon, or evenings. You also do not need to worry about having a vehicle, rising gas prices, or a long commute since your classroom is your bedroom, living room, or kitchen! You can work at your own pace which eliminates stress for people who work full time and have families to care for.

There are many areas in Virginia to work, once you graduate from your online program. Richmond is home to many large and busy urban hospitals. There is a high demand for nurses in these big city hospitals and new graduates find jobs easily. Many times, there are incentives for taking jobs in smaller rural locations. The demand is very high in these areas and nurses usually choose city locations over the country ones.

Online Nursing Degree Programs

Some online nursing degrees are obtained from local schools and some are regional. These programs are all accredited so choosing the right one for you will be easy!

1. University of Phoenix offers online nursing degrees at all levels ranging from certificate programs to Doctoral Degrees.

2. Kaplan University offers exciting and unique programs for online nurses of all education levels.

3. Grand Canyon University offers online nursing degrees at the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels.

4. South University offers a selection of online nursing programs at its Virginia Beach and Richmond campuses.